August 11, 2005

Never Got The Hang Of Thursdays

Even FOX News reporters are now asking if 9-11 commission staffers withheld information from the panel members about a military intelligence unit's identification of Mohammad Atta as a terrorist as early as 1999 and the failure to share that information with the FBI when it was known that he was in the country.

Self-appointed superpatriots O'Reilly and Malkin in their latest duet performance of smearing a dead soldier's mother with a chorus of howling Freepi and shameless liars to back them up. This is the soldier's mother, Cindy Sheehan, that Bush won't meet with because she's just so gosh-darned scary.

Jack Abramoff, aka the incipient anchor around Tom DeLay's neck, was just indicted for wire and mail fraud along with one of his partners in crime. This is in connection with a different investigation than the scheme where his lobbying cronies shamelessly overcharged and probably defrauded tribal casino owners while mocking them behind their backs.

Talking Points Memo has the background on a New Hampshire election tampering scheme where Democratic and affiliated phone banks had their lines jammed by a company hired by senior Republican party operatives. He explains here why it's a big deal that the RNC is paying for the $700,000 in legal bills for one of the primary defendants.

First Draft: A newspaper in Michigan has fired a columnist because he wrote something that was insensitive to the Big Three automakers ... oh wait, look over there, the bloggers are ruining the media! In a stunning display of Christian charity, Catholic Church officials in Canada are refusing to baptize children from gay households, even though their parents are married under Canadian law.

The Rude Pundit says that in our quest to be good watchdogs, we should make sure to hold tight to our sense of humor. Also, in a post I missed last week but is surely a classic, all the ways in which Bill O'Reilly doesn't understand intelligence or fascism.

Avedon points us to William Grieder explaining that the silent majority is all ticked off with no one to share their fury.

Seeing The Forest: The difference between pressures and consequences, or the change in priorities depending on which side of the power structure you're sitting on.

Feministing: What islamic law could mean for Iraqi women, a post which could well have been titled, 'did about 1800 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis die for THIS?'

Corrente: The best argument ever for dealing with terrorism as a law enforcement issue and observing due process.

Slactivist: Bribery, bribery again, ,ad hominem and bribery, side order of greed, theft by poor workmanship and inexcusable sloth.

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