August 09, 2005

They Got Nothin'

Stefan Sharkansky apparently hasn't noticed that the federal government also watches out for overseas and military ballots, and will threaten your state/county with enormous lawsuits for failing to mail them out on time. Also, people who are supposed to get those ballots can complain to the appropriate federal government agency about not getting them.

Sharkansky is claiming that King County didn't mail all the ballots out on time and he's finally found the proof. That would have to mean that he's spotted something missed by the Department of Justice, the Pentagon, Washington's Republican Secretary of State, King County and the voters that were to get the ballots mailed to them all missed. This would be an impressive feat if it came close to being accurate.

Out of all the state's counties, only Island County fell behind, reporting the late mailing of around 1,000 ballots to the Justice Department. The rest of the state got everything out on time as far as the DoJ is concerned. We can tell, again, because there was no lawsuit and there were no complaints from the military and overseas voters who were supposed to get the ballots.

So to sum up, unless the Bush administration's DoJ and the Pentagon are conspiring to hide evidence that King County fell down on the job, Sharkansky's got nothing. Rossi's case claiming election fraud was dismissed "with prejudice" by a sympathetic judge who gave them every opportunity to present their evidence, finding that they hadn't proved any examples at all of malfeasance. The recount process was carried out under the law, with every King County ballot examined by three canvassers who all had to agree about the voter's intent under the watchful eye of observers from both political parties. Five other counties added ballots to their counts after determining that they'd been wrongfully excluded from the first count.

This is just a lot of begging for sympathy that's supposed to substitute for talking about the issues. Gary Locke was unpopular and Christine Gregoire ran an unimpressive campaign, but Rossi still lost.

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