September 08, 2005

Obscenity Revisited

Some people think gay marriage is obscene, some people think naked or scantily clad bodies are obscene, others think swearing is obscene. And in a public context, they always seem to use the definition to mean something repulsive, revolting, disgusting or in poor taste.

My personal definition of obscenity is reserved for things like this:
Hungry New Orleans residents wait for rescue amidst corpses and garbage.

Yeah, I don't know about you, but carelessly letting people die while their neighbors suffer in a vast public toilet without food and water seems obscene. Turning away aid for those people, or even delaying it, seems obscene. As in disgusting, vile and without redeeming virtue. Unfit for public consumption, but necessary to any serious public dialogue.

Apparently, I'm in agreement with a resident of Mississippi today on the relative obscenity of things like swearing as compared to massive human suffering. Turns out, the vice president was holding a press conference in that state when a local resident walked up and shouted the following into the live cable broadcast mikes: "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!! Go fuck yourself!!!" Shocking! Swearing like that in full view of the public, for shame. On the other hand, maybe the heckler had heard the rumor that Cheney was shopping for a $2.9 million estate while the Gulf Coast became the scene of the most deadly disaster on our soil in living memory.

And in that vein, I present you with a filthy joke. Anyone who can read that and still get frothed up about two guys kissing where no one can see them should have a special circle in hell waiting for them.

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