September 08, 2005

Another way to look at the feds' attempts to control the information coming out of the disaster zone.

This comment comes from Richard TPD, who has traveled extensively and worked in China, as well as in other parts of Asia:

We all know how China keeps the media away from regions beset by controversy, be it bird flu outbreaks or peasant riots. They don't want people to ever have the perception things might not be "stable" and "harmonious." That's a standard practice for a paranoid, frightened, prickly and insecure dictatorship.

To my true horror, it now appears our own president might be following the sordid CCP example, restricting reporters and photographers covering the New Orleans catastrophe. Who ever thought we would see this day?

Via Peking Duck.

Posted by Magpie at September 8, 2005 11:44 AM | Censorship | Technorati links |

Indeed, it's interesting to note that you (in the US) appear get different information than us (in Canada).
The images we see of your soldiers in New Orleans are those of an occupation army, with all the contempt for civilians, brutality, etc. usually associated with such an occupation force: soldiers moving about with weapons at the ready, breaking down doors, pushing people around, shoving, etc.
Harper's Editor, being interviewed today on CBC French language radio was saying that what you (in the US) see is very different.
Furthermore, what we see are mostly white soldiers pushing poor blacks around.
Maybe you should switch to Canadian, or European, TV to get a different view.

Posted by: Gilles at September 8, 2005 04:56 PM