September 07, 2005

Sufficiently Advanced Incompetence ...

... has usually gotten to be advanced because it's good at covering its own ass.

This is the firsthand story of a survivor. This is the story of people who've lost all their possessions and are now being asked to give up their surviving pets.

Given that the Marie Antoinette administration's incompetence and cronyism is staggering, they've now taken to turning away the media and photographers from the disaster zones with their body retrieval efforts. Yet even after what appeared to be a moment of truth for many in the press, the administration continues to blatantly abuse anonymous sourcing and some news teams have gone right back to falling for the lies while others are helping spread the racism.

As Billmon notes, it's too bad for Bush that Katrina wasn't a terrorist and too bad for us that Bush is mysteriously less snarkworthy than Al Gore, who never even cheated on his wife.

This administration is too far gone for an accountability moment, they need an accountability schooling. For starters, commentors over at Hullaballoo have suggested renaming FEMA. Some entries thus far:

Foto-ops Enable Media Agenda

Fratboy Executive Marginalizes Afro-Americans

Florida Election Management Agency

Fire Every Motherfucker Associated

Federal Excuse Making Agency

Feeble Excuses for Malignant Apathy

Of course, with people like John Stossel and the rest of the conservative peanut gallery cheering wildly for the people in charge, we're more likely to end up with a situation that was well described last night on the Daily Show: A shortage of prestigious medals to hand out to the officials in charge.

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I was actually quite anxious to see Stewart's responses given how superb he and the entire show were after 9/11. In this case, he was not distraught as he was then. This time there was fire, disgust and anger, and an over-riding theme of disdain for an administration that has so removed itself from reality, honesty and service. Stewart was as good as it gets on Tuesday night.

Posted by: Scott at September 8, 2005 05:24 AM