September 05, 2005

Hurricane George

If it were up to me, it would be the new weather service rule that when they're naming hurricanes for the year and they get to G, that hurricane should henceforth be called George. Some presidents, they get airports, but I think a dangerous and unpredictable weather phenomenon that doesn't care what it destroys is the perfect 'monument' for our Diddler in Chief, our own little Nero. Unless he's Caligula.

Even Laura Bush has gotten in on the act, shutting down refugees' access to phones and the internet for 8 hours during her photo op visit to the Cajundome. Wasn't there a horse somewhere that she should have been milking?

DKos diarist Rp put together a crisis timeline, outlining the landmark events of the ten days following Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Florida. Add to that timeline the backdrop of an administration whose top-ranking members spent days arguing over who was in charge. They went on to do such a bang up job that volunteers from Wisconsin got to New Orleans before the feds, whose bosses were too busy trying to figure out how to cover their asses as is their usual custom.

Hey guys, how about letting the agency with the disaster relief professionals? Oh wait, they got rid of all of them. The incompetents in charge now have been turning down international aid (hat tip, Gilliard) from all quarters as people died, which is redolent of nothing so much as the sinking of the Kursk, a situation made worse because Russia was too afraid of appearing weak to allow anyone to help. Anyone remember how that worked out for them?

This is what people around the world are reading and seeing. This is how we're being thought of. People of Afghanistan and Iraq, no one at all would blame you at this point for a little extra helping of despair.

Our lesson as citizens is that a major disaster could hit any American city; earthquakes, flood, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves, volcanoes, anything could happen. And if it happens to your state, to your city, to you, the people running this country right now have just shown that they have neither the will nor the competence to speed to your rescue. They don't think it's important. God forbid that you should be poor or black, because they won't even give up shopping for shoes to come help you.

They've already declared war on nature you see, by way of their energy and environmental policies, and I can tell you that their assault on that enemy is going quite well. Once the declaring war part of the conflict is over there's nothing fun left to do but hold a victory rally every now and again, so you can see their dilemma. If there's collateral damage, well, it's a small price to pay for restoring free market democracy to the Gulf Coast.

Sisyphus Shrugged has more, much more, and also found a description of our political failure you need to read.

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The echochamber is saying it's all the local officials fault. Maybe they are right.

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