September 04, 2005

The Weekly Flypaper Report

So, the other world disaster is still ongoing. In the case of Iraq, Bush started it. But just like our recent hurricane, he completely failed in every possible disaster mitigation effort after the initial onslaught. Unfortunately, Iraq can't be fixed with a food drop and FEMA assistance, though the Iraqis would probably appreciate it all the same. If it could get to them through the suicide bombings.

During the week starting Sunday, August 28, the Coalition casualty count recorded 10 US troops killed in action. According to Reuters, at least 1,116 Iraqis were killed over the same time period, with a minimum of 1,000 casualties occurring during a stampede on a bridge during a Shi'ite religious pilgrimage.

The stampede was started by rumors of a suicide bomber among the crowd and the incident has exacerbated sectarian hostility. Not that gunfire attacks on two Sunni mosques by unknown assailants has been particularly helpful.

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