September 03, 2005

Response to the Shattered Coast

Rapper Kanye West gave the country a piece of his mind during a televised benefit concert for the victims, saying that Bush didn't care about blacks and that the media was reflexively portraying black people as criminals. The remarks were cut from the West Coast airing of the program.

The Republican congressional leadership thinks tax cuts and judicial hearings are the biggest legislative priorities right now.

The American Family Association, a powerful and well-connected group, is saying that god wiped out New Orleans on purpose because of the city's wicked ways.

The cronyism continues as Halliburton gets a cleanup contract. I guess they've been doing such a good job in Iraq that this is a clear case of an award on merit.

The State of Louisiana formally requested federal help last Sunday.

The people of New Orleans are being turned back when they try to leave the city and people are being locked into the Convention Center. FOX anchors Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith can be seen going ballistic. As if in apology, all of FOX's background music now seems to have been lifted off of an Enya album and the graphics for their segment bookends look like the Easter Bunny threw up all over the place.

College students in New Orleans from Tulane and Loyola are being offered expedited enrollment transfers by Arizona State, two Florida state colleges, Cornell, and several law schools.

Avedon notes that by Republican standards, vast swathes of America should be declared pre-emptively uninhabitable so we don't get stuck having to go in and help anyone. She also points to an article by Greg Palast, who notes that President Bush went golfing yesterday after his lazy flyover of New Orleans.

Why wasn't there the sort of logistical coordination that could have arranged a caravan of buses to evacuate poor residents? Because not only did fear of property crime prevent an effective evacuation, but because we're being governed by people who would arrest someone who rescued dozens of people for 'stealing' a bus that would have been flooded over anyway.

Steve Gilliard says with great emphasis that the residents of New York weren't surprised at all by the Antoinette administration's disaster relief efforts. It's all about the incompetence, of a degree so vast that the media beat relief efforts to the scene by several days.

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