September 01, 2005

Off The Face Of The Earth

Governor Dean asks everyone to donate to the Red Cross and a Red Cross representative was just on air asking people outside the disaster area to please not call in. The phone lines are jammed and the priority right now is for people in New Orleans to be able to call out.

I can't believe what I'm seeing on television and reading on the blogs about this disaster and the response to it. All the cable news stations were just televising a joint press conference by Homeland Security, FEMA, the Coast Guard and the National Guard, because I guess the Bush administration finally decided to get serious about this. They were mainly focusing on law enforcement and they all sound very crisp and professional indeed, talking about all the supplies and boots they had on the ground.

The mayor of New Orleans sent out a statement shortly thereafter saying that the Superdome was unsanitary, unsafe, out of supplies and that there aren't enough buses to take everyone away. The 15-20,000 people there are beginning to march out towards the highway. CNN is reporting that people at and near the Superdome in need of things like dialysis or diabetic treatment are near dead or dying.

I was still hoping early yesterday that the damage was mainly to property, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Even if certain clueless people continue to talk as if looting and the destruction of Mississippi's casinos is the worst thing happening on the ground.

Anyway, I have to run right now, but DailyKos and Atrios are doing a good job covering this today.

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