August 29, 2005


The Iraqi constitution passed the assembly, the Sunnis are vowing to fight it. One Sunni leader is quoted in the article saying that the Bush administration cared more about the deadline, one which the Sunnis had asked be extended by six months, than about getting consensus. Surprise, surprise. Also, Sen. Biden (D-MBNA) thinks that a Sunni rejection would be a prelude to a civil war. Snark fails me.

I didn't know it, but I wake up every morning and have a hot, steaming cup of antioxidants. Considering the state of our food processing, I guess the coffee is the secret ingredient keeping Americans from developing mass malnutrition.

An Australian pol got drunk, called the Asian wife of a political opponent a 'mail order bride' and subsequently resigned. You know, by the time you're old enough for politics, you should be old enough to know whether or not your ***hole side takes over your mouth when you drink. What a moron. Oh yeah, and an ***hole.

Speaking of ***holes, the FDA is pussyfooting around on whether or not to approve OTC emergency contraception. Amanda writes rather emphatically about the utter misogyny involved in this purely political decision over a drug that's been proven to be safe. Newsflash: Wingnuts put political agenda over science, film at 11.

Thanks to feminism, women are now less likely to be murdered because they're more willing and able than in the past to walk away from dangerous relationships. Yay, us!

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