August 24, 2005

Roaming the Web

What happens when you have a 'big tent' philosophy on choice? The military doesn't have to pay the $3000 price tag for the wife of a soldier to abort an anencephalic fetus. Pharyngula explains what anencephaly is, but in short, it means the complete lack of a brain and certain death for the fetus either at birth or soon thereafter. Because development doesn't proceed properly in all respects, labor might not begin on time and is often dangerous to the mother's health. But 'pro-life' factions in congress that include Democrats who want to polish their halos don't care about the health of the mother, insisting that the cost of any injury short of actual death be laid on the family. It's frankly ghoulish.

And while we're bashing Democrats who don't believe in letting women make their own medical decisions, why not take a whack at a lefty anti-evolutionist, Deepak Chopra. I have to confess that I've on occasion harbored a liking for him, he's certainly more useful to human well-being than a waste of carbon like Pat Robertson, but I can just never like him again now. Not even a little. If you've taken The Biology, made it through med school and still don't 'get' the machinery of life, that's just unforgivable, that is.

Over at the BooMan Tribune: Wage discrimination against mothers appears to be pervasive across income levels and job sectors. While there were plans on the table to attack Iran, and the neocons really wanted to go, their plans were laughable and their own actions have ensured that there's no military solution for Iran.

Head to The Sideshow for edification on tap.

If you missed it last week, Krugman's editorial on vote tampering in America.

At Making Light, Teresa shares part of an excellent essay she wrote for the introduction to a short story anthology about good storytelling and the nature of fantastic fiction. From the comments:

... You are reading about an event that exists outside of our consensus reality. Are the characters:

a) reacting to or utilising it as a fully integrated part of their normal existence? You are reading Fantasy.

b) trying to work out a rational explanation of why it's happening? Possibly with computers implanted in their wrists? You are reading Science Fiction.

... g) listed alphabetically, followed by their contact details? You are reading a Telephone Directory. ...

What about, h) described by authors pretending that they don't believe in verifiable facts, only varied, 'mainstream' points of view that are all deserving of equal air time? You are reading a newspaper.

i) convinced that whatever it is, there's a chemical that will make it stop? You are reading a pharmaceutical advertisement.

j) convinced that liberals caused it through their shadowy control of Everything? You are reading a mainstream conservative magazine.

k) convinced that liberals caused it through their shameless belief that sex shouldn't be punished? You are reading a book by either Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell or James Dobson.

l) convinced that liberals caused it through their treasonous insistence on Not Clapping Harder for the war? You are reading Little Green Footballs or maybe Instapundit.

m) convinced that liberals caused it through their foolish devotion to the interests of minorities, women, workers, retirees or sick people? You are reading a DLC press release.

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