August 24, 2005

An Amazing Story

DarkSyde explains how black holes make galaxies and set the universe in motion. Just. Frakking. Awesome.

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Here is another "amazing story". Some people believe VERY STRONGLY that black holes are going to destroy the universe. Probably not a good idea to argue with them :)

"A King County sheriff's deputy had to recover his own gun, arresting his roommate after the man allegedly stole the gun and used it to kill a convenience store clerk.

King County prosecutors detailed the killing Wednesday in charging Christopher A. Bistryski with first-degree murder in the death of Mohammed-Imad Harb. Bistryski is set to be arraigned Wednesday.


Bistryski allegedly told detectives he killed Harb because the clerk didn't believe his theories about a black hole destroying the world and made him look bad in front of other customers."

Posted by: Richard Pope at August 24, 2005 11:54 PM