August 21, 2005

Can't Trust Them With Money

Rumsfeld and staff proposed a new round of base closings to save money, and along with being highly suspect in terms of defending the homeland, they won't save much money, emphasis mine:

WASHINGTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Cost savings from the latest round of military base closings appear to be far less than the $50 billion estimated by the Pentagon, ... The net savings to taxpayers over 20 years looks more like $14 billion because military jobs cut from the bases will be shifted to other locations or given new missions, Anthony Principi, chairman of the Base Realignment and Closing Commission, said at a Capitol Hill hearing.

The Pentagon estimated in May that the base closings and cutbacks would eliminate nearly 11,000 military jobs, but the military said it is not planning to make reductions in future military force levels.

(Principi) also pointed out that the base closings will cost $24 billion in one-time costs for a net savings of $14 billion. ...

The Defense Dept. response as mentioned in the article actually bears out the claim that personnel are going to be shuffled around instead of fired, saying that jobs cut in one place freed up personnel for deployment elsewhere. This whole thing smacks of a shell game for the purpose of discovering 'new' manpower to throw into the Iraqi meatgrinder.

This is the US government as sponsored by Halliburton and formerly, as the article said a witness at the hearings suggested, by Enron.

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As a veteran who lives next to a military base that is supposed to get an increase of 2000+ military jobs in this move, a place that has had two Cat 3 hurricanes hit in 10 months, let me tell you that these savings are pure BS.

The local base doesn't have housing or facilities for these people and the local communities don't have houses, schools, or other infrastructure for them.

They are consolidating, which may make sense in business, but it makes no sense in the military. In a modern war consolidation makes you an easier target to hit. Under this plan our entire fleet of B-2 bombers would be vulnerable to a single attack.

Posted by: Bryan at August 22, 2005 06:51 PM