August 15, 2005

Last Week's Flypaper Report

During the week beginning Sunday, August 7th, 18 US troops were killed in action, and figures for the previous week were revised upwards by 3. Over that same week, at least 121 Iraqis died in security incidents reported by Reuters.

Again, the Bush administration told us that this was all for our own good. It would make us safer. It would make the Iraqis safer. Then members of the administration burned a CIA agent who'd spent decades trying to make us safer because her husband tried to expose their lies. Later, they tried to burn an outstanding career civil servant who objected to wasting government money on a fishy contract, which would be exactly the sort of attitude that any true 'conservative' should hope to find in a government employee.

The Bush administration has has engineered the defrauding of the American people through lavish giveaways to their friends and started an escalating conflict that's taking the lives of the Iraqis they claimed to want to help along with the American soldiers they claim to honor. The Iraqis have gotten stuck with worse living conditions than they had under Hussein, the soldiers have been stuck with inadequate equipment and medical care when injured, and the American people have been stuck with an enormous bill. Oh yes, and there's all the lying, too.

How the bleeping hell is everyone not furious about this?

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How the bleeping hell is everyone not furious about this?
Outrage fatigue. Posted by: PhilK at August 15, 2005 07:11 AM