August 14, 2005

Quaking in My Boots

TBogg pointed to some wingnut named Darleen who thought it would be good bloggy fun to mock Cindy Sheehan via Photoshop. It's truly tasteless, but from down in the comments, we get the truly creepy:

You are right to expose the Sheehan Moonbat. Another example of how the L3 Idiotarians are the Splodeydopes of the future (think she wouldn't do it?) A lot of us at LGF are getting ready for direct action against the Lefty Traitors. Good to know you're with us, Darleen.

They asked for it. Now they'll get it.

Posted by: Lizaroid Minion at August 13, 2005 03:43 PM


Darleen has told us on LGF that you have been threatening her children.

Bad Idea. We have ways of tracking you people down. You will not like what happens next.

A lot of us are Mil or Ex Mil. Think about it.

Posted by: Lizardoid Minion at August 13, 2005 03:46 PM

Splodeydopes. Right. Presumably, these are the same people who think ebonics is a threat to the republic. And as long as we're departing the realms of reasonable discourse and reality as we know it, I'll let the 101st Fighting Keyboarders in on a little secret ...

I expect that the minion in question realized that it'd tipped its hand a bit too much by revealing that those LGFers are planning to track down unsuspecting lefties in our homes and do unspeakable things to us. It must have decided to cover its tracks with some threats pulled out of the recesses of its imagination, but we are not fooled.

Knowing in advance the seriousness of the threat that brigades of lumpy 101st Fighting Keyboarders might descend on us in our sleep, we've secretly been distributing vicious booby traps among our networks of liberal elitists for the ultimate in window and door home security. Should a conservative intruder be clever enough to have brought along a Log Cabin Republican to open the door for them, some of us have attack cats and trained crotch hounds in residence whose size belies their cunning ability to disable intruders by means of otherwise inconsequential wounds placed to great effect. Also, our bookshelves have been rigged so that we can remotely trigger them to fall on people. If you knew of the fearsome weight and heft of our precariously overstuffed Ikea wall units, it is you who would tremble.

Foolish lizardoid, we are the shadowy, all-seeing, all-powerful liberal elite. Did you think you could really plan something like that without our knowing?

Update: Put on rubber gloves & found the 'threat' claim thread ...

#316 Darleen 8/13/2005 01:21PM PDT

If there is any better proof that Sheehan is a Leftist cult puppet, the Koskiddie list is it.

And they are taking ANY post about her that is less than glowing support and attacking the person with every flying monkey meme you can think of!

My own post on Sheehan yesterday, and my photoshop of her today has brought the weirdest comments from the demented of DU. They are even attacking my daughter. I swear these people are way beyond having no shame. They are as cultish and paranoid as any Islamofascist.


#347 Tinker 8/13/2005 02:17PM PDT
#324 Darleen

What do you mean about "attacking your daughter"? This sounds scary.


#369 Darleen 8/13/2005 03:00PM PDT
#347 Tinker

I've had to delete some of the egregious comments...obscene really. But, too, they are also doing the "how come your daughters are not in the military?" and slamming me for having a tip jar on my site (I don't carry ads) with a comment that all tips will go to my daughter's college education. Somehow that means we are "begging" for money and it makes me a liar and a chickenhawk.

The comments are so similar in their delusion I believe the flying monkeys are incapable of doing more than sharing one thought between them in a particular time frame.

I got linked from someone on DU and been the object of lefty trolls since yesterday afternoon.

I don't mind even idiots taking exception with ME...just leave my daughters out of it! ...

It all becomes clear. Asking someone who's a war supporter why their kids aren't in the military if their family's so gung-ho about the war is clearly an attack on those children that merits threatening other people's lives. And *we're* supposed to be the paranoid ones.

Posted by natasha at August 14, 2005 02:15 AM | Wingnuts | Technorati links |

You know, there is no indication that people who are against the Iraq war are pacifists. That is a dangerous assumption.

It's a Texan thing to go armed, and I doubt that opposition to Iraq and Bush's lies changes that.

Posted by: Scorpio at August 14, 2005 08:59 AM

Lot of folks out here on The High Desert opposed, continue to oppose, or now oppose the war, and the gunrack in the truck ain't for show.

Time or two over the years, I've extended an invitation to join me on the greensward at daybreak. None ever showed up.

Posted by: Thomas Ware at August 14, 2005 10:14 AM