August 13, 2005

Now They Talk About It

Now that the PATRIOT Act has been safely reauthorized, Paula Zahn finally got around to talking about civil liberties yesterday:

ZAHN: ... Here's something to watch out for throughout this hour, some people will look at the security changes and say I have nothing to hide, this will protect us. But other people are downright furious.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As we try to fight terrorism that that very same Constitution they're supposed to be protecting is under attack. (END VIDEO CLIP)

ZAHN: So is the Constitution really under attack, or are this country's new laws just plain common sense? Coming up, what's already in place that you may not even know about. And a little bit later on, a provocative question: would you be uncomfortable carrying a national I.D. card? (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

ZAHN: Welcome back. Still ahead tonight, do you know how much our own government can actually spy on us? It's more than you think, but is it comforting or are you outraged?

And a little bit later on, technology that can actually see through your clothes. Is that going too far to fight terrorism? ...

I can just picture the CNN take on government controls a couple years from now ...

ZAHN: And a little bit later on, we'll talk to some frequent travelers about their thoughts on having to register state-to-state travel plans with the Department of Homeland Security. Would it be worth getting a permanent RFID chip implanted to avoid the hassle, or is that going too far to fight terrorism?

Atrios has a few other headlines that would have sounded like jokes not so very long ago.

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