August 04, 2005

Your Flop Sweat ...

... shames your master - Jon Stewart, speaking about Scott McClellan.

And this was one heavily sweating press secretary on Wednesday. Here, he takes a sideways swipe at the CIA and the new president of Iran at the same time:

Q -- you should check the date. The CIA reported last week in a story that did not get much attention in the newspapers that the President-elect of Iran was not a hostage-taker, and not the person in the photographs. Does the administration consider the matter closed?

MR. McCLELLAN: No, as I said, we were still looking into whether or not he was explicitly one of the hostage-takers. And what we know, and I think you heard some comments out of Iran, too, that he was a leader of the student organization that oversaw the takeover and the taking of hostages. What we don't know is whether he was explicitly one of the hostage-takers.

Q Well, the CIA --

MR. McCLELLAN: So that's something we continue to look into. Now, in terms of -- you're referring to pictures. I think they were talking -- the intelligence community was talking about their analysis of some of the pictures that we have seen from that time period.

Q So the matter is not closed then?


When you're reduced to taking potshots at the company to bolster your thready claims of big-bad-boogiedom against someone, it just has to suck to be you.

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