August 02, 2005

Today on the Net

dKos: Troops in Iraq are now suffering from an outbreak of antibiotic resistant infections.

Senate Democrats would like to remind you what Republicans said about Clinton's recess appointments, and how they threatened him with retaliation.

Bush talks about the 'intelligent design' theory, making it ever more obvious that the name was bestowed by people with a keen sense of irony. Billmon has an appropriate response via the good offices of H.L. Mencken.

Saucerful of Secrets: The disaster in Bhopal happened 20 year ago, and the negligent corporate officers who allowed it to happen and refused fair compensation are sitting pretty behind the shield of a government that won't extradite them. Looks like global warming is worsening hurricanes, but the real danger is that views like those in the letters he got in response represent the majority.

Fascism, then and now:

... When the judges at Nuremberg laid down the ground rules of international law following the Second World War, they described an unprovoked invasion of a defenceless country as “the paramount crime against humanity … from which all other war crimes follow”. The judges also pointed out the obvious: that violent invasion would beckon violent reaction, which compounded the original crime. ...

Narco News: How the media and the US government is hyping up the violence along the Mexican border to justify a more muscular response to the drug dealers' "extreme form of capitalism." Last month, a trial began in Venezuala for four people who took foreign money to influence the election, money which came from the US Treasury and our pockets.

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