August 01, 2005

What the Dormouse Said

Not only is the DLC wrong about the Democratic party's message and ideas (or what they would insist is a lack thereof) and disastrously wrong on strategy, they're also wrong about public opinion (Tom Paine via Booman Tribune):

... On nearly every prominent issue, the American public supports the progressive position. In survey after survey, the overwhelming majority of the public wants legal abortion, a higher minimum wage, strong environmental protections, strict regulation of corporations, an end to the electoral college, universal health care, a strong and unprivatized Social Security system and on and on. ...

Another BooTrib diarist took a peek at Al Gore's new network, Current. Verdict: A little too much like surfing the internet for her taste, but absorbing and capable of getting important points across to the pre-teen in the house. When I used to be able to get News World International, the network Current is replacing, I liked it very much. Let's hope Current will step up to the plate.

Pandagon brings you continuing coverage of the war on birth control. First, shools in the U of Wisconsin system are prohibited from giving advice about or dispensing birth control, even to rape victims. Considering how much money students usually have available for off-campus healthcare, that's just gratuitously cruel. Then, possibly with that eye on the 2008 nomination, Gov. Pataki of New York has just vetoeda bill allowing over the counter morning-after pills, also citing the fact that the FDA (A federal agency, no less, what happened to state control?) is going to be ruling on the issue shortly.

Left Coaster: Why does Texas hate America? Republican candidate for the OH-02 congressional district, Jean Schmidt, is a liar. The state of Iraq is either rapidly making progress or heading in a bad direction, and both those things can't be true. King Fahd is dead, long live King Abdullah? Eriposte on the Senate uranium report.

How to Save the World: Saturday's top seven links, of which I particularly recommend Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement address. Examinations of the gift economy and full cost economy social models.

Speaking of commencement addresses: I finally remembered to Google for the text of The Power of Four, which was the title of Tom Hanks' address to this year's graduating class at Vassar college and refers to the difference that four people in a hundred can make. I caught it on C-SPAN a while ago and it really stuck with me.

Truthout: Another peek into Judge Roberts' civil rights views, and an editorial by John Dean about hiding Roberts' record. William Rivers Pitt writes about the latest examples of unaccountable government.

Alternet: Molly Ivins on why the AFL-CIO split affects everyone with a job. Joshua Holland writes about the 17 million Americans who've traded down the job ladder even since the beginning of the free trade craze and the trend in retirement funding from 'defined benefit' to 'defined contribution.'

Seeing the Forest on blaming Democrats and using new code words for the war on terror.

Paperwight notes that Judge Roberts has already shown that he has no respect for habeas corpus rights and that political affiliations are being held against Americans detained in Iraq, also, the liberal ideal of fairness has become a weapon we hand to our opponents.

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