August 01, 2005

CNN on Bolton

I'll try to update this with a link when the transcript becomes available, but I just heard Andrea Koppel on CNN describing John Bolton as having been "downright demonized by Democrats," then doing a pastiche of his life that the transcript won't quite do justice to.

Aside from a couple Democrats shown in the act of 'demonizing' in the beginning, Koppel quoted a school friend who said he'd never known Bolton to be a bully. Of course, Bolton's problem has never been described as a serial tendency to harass his equals or superiors, otherwise he wouldn't have had many jobs. Bullies harass those they know they can get away with persecuting, and in the workplace that means your subordinates. Which seems like such an obvious bleeping point that I can't believe there's any need to review it.

With 'reporters' like this, democracy doesn't need enemies.

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