August 01, 2005

Why, Oh Why

I wonder...

... Indeed, audiences have responded to comedies and fantasy fare and resoundingly rejected action this summer.

... "Sometimes I think we forget that people go to the movies to escape, to be entertained," says Chuck Viane, Disney's head of distribution. "The movies that deliver the smiles and laughs are doing well this season." ...

And then there are the Harry Potter books:

... Wendy Woodfill, senior children's book buyer for Hennepin County Library, said that while she wishes her own teen daughter's choices were more issues-oriented, she understands the appeal: "I think there is a real need for kids in general - with the war in Iraq, the bombings in London - to know that there is a world where there is good vs. evil, and that good wins out." ...

Yeah, it's just a complete mystery why people are looking for a little extra helping of escapism.

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