July 30, 2005

Saturday Slacking

Looks like the touchy, sadistic creep running Uzbekistan has had enough of being mildly questioned by the Bush administration for shooting unarmed civilians and boiling people. So the US has been given a six months eviction notice from the air base in Uzbekistan that they've been using to stage flights over Afghanistan.

Boing Boing - the cool building edition: The antique house of the future. A hotel and a restaurant made out of converted planes. A Taiwanese Japanese bus stop that looks like a watermelon. Finally, and having no relation to cool buildings whatever, workers are making American Airlines profitable after new management decided to pay attention to their ideas and often sensible cost-cutting suggestions and also, welcome planet Xena as the newly discovered 10th planet in our solar system.

The Al Franken Show blog spotlights the Democrats we have to 'thank' for passing CAFTA.

A third union bolts AFL-CIO, the 1.4 million members of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (say that three times fast) in part of a growing rift over whether the focus of unions should be political organizing or aggressive union organizing. Considering the declining proportions of union membership, I'd think the answer would be obvious.

Hullaballoo: Digby and Jesse from Pandagon tag team the Corner coverage of "Commander in Chief," a new show in the ABC pipeline starring Geena Davis as the POTUS. Also, more on the OH-02 Republican candidate running against Democratic Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett in the fast approaching special election.

dKos: Hunter says Bolton is a gift that keeps on giving, which would be great if our party leadership would quit looking their gift horses in the mouth and timidly refusing to center their ad campaigns around the most obvious liabilities of their opponents. Plutonium Page points us to an eyewitness report from Fallujah, which continues to have serious problems and remains unsafe. Newsie8200 brings us the political week in review. When the media is so broken as a free press, this was bound to happen sooner or later: Jessica Simpson is taking ABC to task for censoring Iraq footage.

Tom Tomorrow explains Traitorgate in comic form.

Brad DeLong: Paul Krugman on French family values, highlighting by contrast how difficult it is to simultaneously be pro-family and pro-living-in-mortal-dread-of-unemployment. In this discussion of why it is that Democrats don't work a critique of economic insecurity into their message, no one seems to have a good answer. A few ways of looking at labor market trends and a look at wages and salaries as a share of NDP, or Net Domestic Product.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: The government of Uganda is targeting lesbian activists for imprisonment and likely death. Alaska's only two shelters for battered Native American women are being shut down for lack of funding. Also, an interesting essay on why abortion is wonderful and enforced pregnancy isn't.

Trish Wilson points out a beer drinkers' bill of rights allegedly written by the founder of Sam Adams and an office jerk quiz.

Alas, A Blog: The real danger to abortion rights could be much more subtle than a direct threat to Roe. The connection between feminity and motherhood in public discussions. Young Zach of Tennessee has finally been released from a 're-education camp' for gay youth, here's hoping he hasn't been permanently damaged by the experience. Pointers to anti-same sex marriage discussions on statutory rape and artificial insemination.

MyDD: The Democratic governor of Arizona has made her position unpalatable to Republicans by refusing a pay raise. When military lawyers were asked for input over how to treat detainees, they strongly opposed breaking the Geneva Conventions, arguments which were brushed aside by the administration. The weaknesses of the two parties. Chris Bowers calls for ousting corrupt Dems in Chicago, which would be both ethically right and politically sound. Chris Bell, a former Democratic congressman, wants to run for governor of Texas and we wish him the best of luck. Chris Bowers spotlights the OH-02 Hackett campaign and comes to the conclusion that the effort that's been put forward will make the race a win no matter how the vote totals shake out.

A study in mice indicates that it may be possible to restore egg production in infertile women through bone marrow stem cell therapy.

An angry, white male truckdriver posts his open rant to the Democratic party, begging them to start addressing the economic issues that are key to the blue-collar demographic.

Billmon notes that within days of Sen. Clinton's call for a Democratic party intramural cease-fire at a DLC function, the DLC 'moderates' are right back to piling on 'blogosphere leftists'. I wonder if they despise us so much that their stable of pet candidates will avoid coming around to beg us for money? What a bunch of one-buttocked tools.

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Dan Bloom

This photo is from Japan, not Taiwan


Hello Dan,
Please see the site above.
We have found that the photo you sent us is from Japan! Not Taiwan, as boingboing.net noted. You gave them the wrong info. [Egg on my face, Dan!]
The bus stop is located at Isahaya City in Nagasaki Prefecture. In this
there are several fruits but stops (as you can see at the site above), which
to be popular features there. It seems that the city government built
unique bus stops to invite many tourists.
Very interesting!
Satoru and Mitsuko, TOKYO

Posted by: dan bloom at July 31, 2005 07:46 AM

Link to Taiwan Watermelon Bus Stop. It's in Japan, see correction above. Egg on my face. Oops.

Posted by: dan bloom at July 31, 2005 07:47 AM

Comic strip character Zippy to stop at watermelon-shaped bus stop in Japan

American cartoonist Bill Griffith is the creator of a syndicated comic
strip titled "Zippy" that appears in over 500 newspapers worldwide,
including the US, Canada, Japan and Taiwan. Word has it that Mr.
Griffith, once based
in San Francisco in the world of underground comics and now living and
working in Connecticut, found this website in Japanese [
http://www.konagai.org/furusato/IndexGenerator.asp?path=fruitbusstop ]
with pictures of some very unique fruit-shaped municipal bus stops in
Ishaya City. He was especially taken with the watermelon-shaped bus
stop, according to rumors in the Internet underground -- the Undernet?
the Interground? -- and plans to use the image
[ http://www.agilitynut.com/p/taiwan.jpg ]
in one of his upcoming strips. Stay tuned to this website for this
worldwide exclusive! I will let you know the day it appears.

Editor's Note: The photograph here
[ http://www.boingboing.net/2005/07/28/roadside_taiwan.html ]
was identified on boingboing.net on July 28 as being shot in Taiwan,
in a post titled "Roadside Taiwan." However, a Taiwanese surfer in
Taipei with keen eyesight noticed that the bench in front of the bus
stop has some words written in Japanese and concluded that the bus
stop could not be in Taiwan and that item submitter "Dan Bloom" (who
now has egg on
his face, among other things!) made an innocent but big mistake by
telling boingboing.net that the watermelon bus stop was in Taiwan.
Further research by an Internet summer intern has ascertained that
boingboing.net in fact mis-identified the photo (by taking that silly Bloom at
his word). I correct it here for my readers.

Posted by: Danny bloom at August 9, 2005 07:47 AM