July 29, 2005

Bolton's Amnesia

Maybe it isn't such a good idea to have a UN amabassador who can't remember being interviewed in the course of a national security investigation.

July 29 (Bloomberg) -- John Bolton's nomination to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations may face new roadblocks in the Senate after the State Department said Bolton failed to tell lawmakers he was interviewed about faulty intelligence reports on Iraq.

State Department spokesman Noel Clay said yesterday that Bolton forgot about a 2003 interview by the department's inspector general, who was examining how the U.S. concluded Iraq tried to buy nuclear material from Niger, when he filled out a questionnaire for his Senate confirmation hearings. ...

Howard Dean has said that in order to "preserve any remaining confidence in the integrity of Bush's foreign policy team," Bolton shouldn't get a recess appointment. Considering that Colin Powell took a haymaker to the confidence when he went to the UN and that he was still the most trusted member of the administration when he left, that ship has sailed.

The way things have been going with this crew, even if Bolton turns out to have forged the Niger documents in his State Department office, he'll probably at least get the Medal of Freedom as a consolation prize.

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