July 27, 2005

Climate Fig Leaf

The Bush administration finally got its wish, and they now have a little climate pact fig leaf with China & India (among others) on board. I'm sure they'll use it to trumpet to the complacent stenographers of the American media that they've finally turned green. So here's their plan:

... The six countries pledged "enhance cooperation" to address the growth of climate-changing pollution while still meeting their growing energy needs, and nonbinding commitments to develop clean coal, nuclear and hydroelectric technologies that are less carbon intensive. ...

Nonbinding commitments to develop clean (hack, hack, cough, choke) coal, nuclear energy that produces waste no one knows what to do with and hydroelectric power that frequently endangers fishing stocks in an era where fish populations are collapsing all over the world.

To quote one of my favorite comedies, that's a fart in a stiff wind.

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