July 25, 2005

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Billmon: All together now, "Bye, bye, 4th amendment," hello PATRIOT Act. All lies to the contrary, Plame's identity really was a secret, and it seems likely that those who leaked her name knew it. What it means that China broke the currency peg and why they're the "Saudi Arabia of money." Iran wins as Iraq inexorably turns into Beirut. Has humanity gotten too smart for our own good?

Atrios: Frank Rich covered a possible reason why Gonzales didn't get the SCOTUS nomination, which is that it may be a casualty of the investigation into treasongate. The military is at war, but the country isn't? Republicans hate lawyers, except when they can help them defraud the public, in this case the good people of Ohio.

Talk Left: A little more about Gonzales' role. The politically incestuous relationship between the Washington press corps and anonymous sources, whose motives also remain conveniently anonymous.

Digby finds that, at last, there's news of an investigation into where the Niger forgeries came from.

Pandagon: If you're worried about kidnapping, remember that the most likely suspects are people you know. Also, Tom Tancredo is barking mad. Why it's vitally important to keep the wife at home.

How to Save the World: Having the why they're PO'd debate. A link collection for the informed activist that includes a pointer to a post on whether college is worth it that I don't know if I should be reading on the advent of accepting my first student loan.

Brad DeLong: People who are so jealous of Jared Diamond that they can't think straight. Bush's current SCOTUS nominee has already done a stint as Inspector Javert, and at the ripe, young age of 50 he suffers from memory lapses that would make Ronald Reagan proud.

Bitch PhD with an amusing anecdote from the adventures of living with a stay at home dad.

Orcinus with a good article link and germane commentary on homegrown terrorism, which of course is just like every other kind of terrorism: The people who do it think they're really doing something good, and it's best handled as a criminal matter.

I hope Avedon never gets a blog with individual posts. Click on over to browse her marvelous collection of news you can use. (However, as I noted in her comments, I really don't think it's nice to insult fruitbats like that.) The most outrageous story is of course the one about how the Bush administration stopped Seattle prosecutors from collaring a terror suspect who's now believed to have coordinated the deadly July 7 bomb attack in London.

Big labor news: SEIU and the Teamsters have quit the AFL-CIO. Over at the Labor Blog there are a few more links if you want some follow up, or head over to read Frank Joyce on why he thinks the split is a bad idea.

I don't remember who I found this link through last week, but a Washington Post staff writer compiled an invaluable summary of abortion statistics.

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Tancredo is a batcrap crazy loon if he thinks that bombing Mecca for any reason (regardless of the human loss of whatever disaster he comes up with) would give us a victory.

We would go from fighting a terror war against a few small groups of extremists to fighting an all-out real jihad against more than a BILLION Muslims.

They are as devout and as staunch in their faith as any Jerry Falwell, Tom Delay, and George Bush is in theirs.

You want to talk about Armeggeddon, there you go!
Served up nice and neat as the worst decision ever made by a government.

Is this what we have to look forward to if these war mongers take office? A steaming hole where Mecca once stood would not lower the curtain on the war on terror. It would raise it for the final act - World War III.

What moron would even consider such action? And how do they get where they are?

Posted by: David Aquarius at July 26, 2005 12:01 PM

Some informative items one ought to read and reflect upon:

"Look For The Implicit Assumptions"

"Terrorism And Deterrence"

Posted by: Diskarapur at July 26, 2005 10:58 PM