July 18, 2005

How The West Can Be Won

Howard Dean is storming some barns:

...New Montana Democratic Party Chairman Dennis McDonald, of Melville, who had earlier expressed reservations about Dean and said he didn't want photograph taken with him, had a different view after hearing the DNC chairman's speech.

"I loved the positive speech, and I loved the positive message," McDonald said. He added that he told Dean he was honored to get his picture taken with him.

That's our DNC chairman. After all the disappointments, he's out there in Idaho, Montana and Utah; places that have long been given up for lost. He's spending his time in the field and winning people to his cause, reminding them of why they should be proud of the party.

Other Democratic movers and shakers whom I won't mention have run successive Anybody But Dean campaigns, putting more effort into beating on him than they put into crafting a coherent and successful response to the opposition. They've gone back to largely weak and incoherent protests of the powerlessness they worked so hard to achieve.

Dean is one of the very few who's proven that what he really cared about all along was the good of the party and the welfare of the voters. He's proven that he'll work for it even when there's no prize at the end. Somehow I think that without the proof of that conviction, he wouldn't be impressing people like the perpetually disappointed chairs of the western red states, no matter how many great speeches he gave.

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