July 18, 2005

Roving About

How we got here: The San Francisco Chronicle has a story form timeline almost good enough to have come from a dKos diary, while Time provides a frame by frame starting way back at the beginning. Truthout reprints Wilson's original op-ed, and Alternet posts his letter to the Senate.

The Seattle Times has an abbreviated Who's Who which curiously mentions that Wilson was a former ambassador to Gabon, while omitting that he also used to be the ambassador to Niger and Iraq, the two countries prominently featured in this debacle.

Media Matters takes on the lie that Plame wasn't covert, and explains a statement by Wilson that's been used to back up this false claim.

Billmon notes that Colin Powell's camp appears to be pinning the sharing of the Air Force One memo on Ari Fleischer and that the New York Times is still peddling lies on the administration's behalf.

Head over to Digby's place to follow the breadcrumbs, just click over and read on down.

Talk Left explains the difference between civil and criminal contempt.

Bush restates and qualifies the firing pledge. Kos has the side by side comparisons.

When well known columnists from the heart of the Kool-Aid crowd are writing op-eds with titles like 'How dumb do they think we are,' then Houston, somebody has a problem. If only the Bush administration's betrayal of this country's security had gotten a reporter jailed sometime before the 2004 election, the press might have been publicly asking that question for some time now. Too bad they couldn't take the hint until their own colleagues' butts were on the line, apparently they could give a flying frak what happens to the rest of us.

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