July 15, 2005

Information Banditry

Where there's resource scarcity, there's conflict. Big, civilized countries fight with each other about sophisticated sounding resources like oil and manufacturing jobs. Small tribes in Kenya are still killing each other over livestock and access to water. There won't be an end to conflict until we invent ourselves out of the problem of resource scarcity, though that's unlikely to happen as long a power-hungry lunatics depend on perpetuating that scarcity.

Left Coaster: Eriposte responds to the treasongate talking points and notes other acts of espionage committed by Rove's close buddies, while larre highlights some questions that need answering.

Billmon discusses Mark A. R. Kleiman's speculation that Rove might face espionage charges, which have a less stringent bar for proof than the law against revealing the identity of an intelligence agent, and here Kleiman directly attacks the assertions that no crime was committed.

Alas, A Blog: A conservative eloquently writes about why all decent people should oppose cruel farming practices. A tremendous selection of political and feminist news, including the strategy goals of suicide bombers, the 'nice guy' and how equality without reform can only replace wives with nannies.

TBogg's found the skinny on the cash that the Coalition Provisional Authority lost.

A gene study on three types of parasites has uncovered a large core group of shared genes among the organisms. Researchers hope they might point the way towards treatments for parasite-borne diseases that infect hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world every year.

What's FOX News worried about? What the current Pope, while still a cardinal, described as the "subtle seductions" of Harry Potter.

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I'm curious about PV's views on the Monorail.

When I lived in Seattle I voted for it every chance I had. I moved out of the city for commuting reasons and still enthusiastically support public transportation. Some time after I moved, I learned in the Stranger or Weekly that Joel Horn had become the head of the Monorail Board.

This filled me with deep misgivings about the project that have only gotten worse as more and more becomes public. Not about Horn personally, but symbolically, as former head of the Seattle Commons campaign. It seems to me that the downtown Seattle mafia, the same gang that wanted the Commons, has taken over the Monorail organization, so it's not about cheap safe easy public transportation any more -- it's about funneling public money into Seattle's construction, finance and real estate sectors. There aren't enough stations for it to effectively cooperate with any Metro bus lines except a few large ones. The stations are too few and too big, but real-estate speculators love it.

But the price tag! A two billion - make that four billion - no, wait - eight billion - oops! really sorry about this - fourteen billion dollar project, so far! What is going to happen to the rest of the region's public transportation? When I was voting for the monorail, the federal government was running a surplus. That was several trillion dollars ago.

And now Nickels wants to buy Paulie a choo-choo! God, what next?

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