July 13, 2005

Listening to the Experts

Exxon Mobil says that there are no reasons to worry about global warming. I think it behooves me to understand what they are saying and then I'll come to realize that the warming we see is just a normal phase for the earth and no big deal.

One worry I can put aside is why the plankton hasn't shown up on the Oregon coast. Why do I need to worry about the northern Pacific oceans behaving like there is an el Nino when there isn't any overt el Nino happening at the equator? Why should I worry that the northern Pacific waters are getting warmer? Don't listen to the climatologists that had warned that we could find ourselves in a permanent el Nino as an symptom of global warming. Because that can't be true, after all Exxon Mobil says there isn't a problem.

And I can forget worrying about the reports that warn the northern Atlantic Ocean is warmer than before. I used to worry about this because it could cause the melting of the Greenland glaciers. Despite the fact that this sounds like yet another of the predictions of what we should see if global warming really takes hold, today I know it's just fearmongering. After all, science hasn't come to a unanimous agreement that global warming is something humans are responsible for, therefore we should be cautious and only take action when it is definitively a problem that we understand.

I'm going to just stop worrying about violent weather. Why worry about the weather even when there are signs that the hurricane season is starting early and with a particular vengeance? And we don't need to do anything even though there are people dying from heat waves.

Obviously these reports and concerns are just a bunch of ho-ha.

I'm thankful that I finally found the truth from Exxon Mobil. After understanding their point, I feel I should apologize for my hysteria and just shut up now.

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All the while, Exxon is advertising on television that they care - they're the largest independent source of climate research, after all!

Posted by: Crissa at July 13, 2005 12:50 PM