July 10, 2005

Weekend Reading

Now that's a powerful intro.

THE DOCTOR: How come I've never seen you people before?

OKWE: Because we are the people you do not see. We are the ones who drive your cabs. We clean your rooms. And suck your cocks.

-- from Dirty Pretty Things,written by Steven Knight

To begin to answer the important question "What is a newspaper for?" we must also address a related, and also largely ignored, question: Who is a newspaper for?

Thus starts a post by Fred Clark about newspapers and why are they are given the special status they have in our country.

I like to think that part of the answer has to do with those idealistic reasons America's founders had in mind when they enshrined the freedom of the press in the First Amendment. I want to believe this because I think the founders were right in believing that a free and vibrant press is necessary for a healthy democracy.

Just when you thought that the irony couldn't get worst: Digby says it all in his title: Ferchristsake.

Don't you love the writing of Major Bob Bateman? I'm so glad he can be found regularly on Altercation. Here was last week's missive from Iraq.

What do we know about the age of the universe? A lot, says DarkSyde. (I'd missed this post when he first put it out, but it is a lovely discussion about how a seredipitous nova taught us much about our universe.)

Another don't miss post comes from that wise goddess, Echidne: A Feminist Defense of Abortion Rights.

Maha-Barb explains the idiocy of the neo-cons and how their lack of imagination is making terrorism worse. Can we find some new leaders, please?

And don't forget to say Happy Blogiversity to skippy. Congratulations, skippy.

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