July 05, 2005


Alas, A Blog's Pseudo-Adrienne on women who value reproductive rights have lost in Justice O'Connor's retirement.

Thanks to Atrios, Capitol Buzz exposes us to some of Rick Santorum's 1950's mindset, helped along no doubt by the fact that his own large family has a senator's salary and access to the best healthcare plan in the country.

The Sideshow has great roundup in defense of the value of free time.

Salon's Rebecca Traister on the other 'F' word: feminism. Ann at Feministing talks about the generation gap that older feminist organizers don't even seem to see.

Max Sawicky on the problems of trade liberalization and debt relief.

Nathan Newman blogs for the first time at TPM Cafe's House of Labor blog, with the message that progressives are foolish to ignore labor issues, pointing out that no tax cut can compete with the 30 percent average pay increase that comes with a union job. Word.

dKos: How outing Plame damaged national security, and an anatomy of the outing. Which US political party is more like the Taliban? Bush 41's former doctor s torture. And finally, the ultimate political football: teacher pay.

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