July 01, 2005

What should be our policy?

Liberal Oasis writes that one of the problems the Democrats face is having a coherent answer about Iraq. Tonight Peter Dauo noted that the "I" word (Impeachment) has been introduced into the public conversation by way of the latest Zogby poll. Is pressing for impeachment the thing we should be pushing? Bill Sher says if one hopes to reframe the current conversation about Iraq, then pressing for impeachment now is probably not going to be the way to achieve that goal.

Iraq is a crisis. A crisis of Bush’s making but a crisis nonetheless. And the public demands a strategy and a resolution.

To not do so is to lack credibility in the broader Iraq debate.

You want to push for impeachment?

Then you better say at the same time what you believe should happen with Iraq after impeachment.

Indeed. So what do we need to do in Iraq? As Bill Sher noted, Iraq is something we must deal with as soon as possible. Yet, if our leaders are as conflicted as I am about the right thing to do next, then this will definitely take some time to work out. As far as I can see, the situation is so screwed up, it is hard to imagine any way to "fix" things. And it is possible that the only thing we can do is to pick the least worst option because there are no good options left. Bush's current policy is a bust and even worse his current policy is poisoning all future approaches in the same way that gangrene destroys the affected limb so that the only choice is to cut out the sickened piece. And I believe the longer Bush is setting policy, the deeper the gangrene will set in. It is time for the Democrats to articulate a coherent and plausible policy about what we should do next about Iraq. To say nothing is to acquiesce to letting Bush's gangrene spread until there is nothing left to save.

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I think it was Harry Truman that said, "When you realize that you're in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging."

Posted by: PhilK at July 1, 2005 07:55 AM

Correct Phil. We are part of the problem in Iraq, not part of the solution. Iraq will no doubt have a lot of violence and chaos if there is an US pullout, but you may have noticed that they have a lot of both now. The only difference is that they will no longer be able to unite against a common enemy - us.

I am all for impeaching Bush AND Cheney (getting one without the other is a waste of effort), but barring some sexual peccadillo it is not going to happen. We have a gangrene all right, but it requires surgery, not bandaids and aspirin which seem to be the response of the Democratic Party "leadership". The Dems need not only to articulate a coherent and plausible policy (about anything), they need to all get on message and stop carping at one another. If the corporate sycophant wing of the party can't get behind Dean, they should be kicked out. We aren't going to beat back the fascist gangrene while arguing with one another about the remedy.

Posted by: Charley at July 1, 2005 08:17 AM

The only solution to the problems in Iraq is to create a Federation of 3 states, Sunni, Kurd, Shia, with a strong yet respectful of states right central government.

Like we have the 3 branches of the Federal govt that play off each other.

And the only way to achieve that is with a lot of money, a lot less killing, torturing, a lot of apologizing and acknowledging of our mistakes and sincere remonstrations to make amends, and actual demonstrations to that affect.

Open dialogue, no building bases, no bunker mentality. People must be willing to take personal risks, and I mean political leaders from the USA, and maybe die in the process, like so many good UN Diplomats do.

A timetable must be drawn up, and sovereignty must be ceded to the Iraq's, and then we would have to stand there shoulder to shoulder, taking bullits if need be for the Iraqi's.

Now remember, I said that's what we need to do if we want a positive outcome in Iraq. By that I mean no bloody civil war like what they are going to engage in very soon. I didn't say it's going to happen.

With bushco in charge?

Posted by: Duckman GR at July 1, 2005 11:25 PM