June 27, 2005

Crooked Roads

Monsanto raves about the wonders of their genetically modified crops, but the other side of GMO isn't as pretty a picture.

Is it a good idea to take plutonium into space? Karl Grossman thinks that it's not only dangerous, but unnecessary. Leslie Fuger writes about who stands to profit from plutonium-238.

The Democratic Party wants to gag Howard Dean, but all Steve Perry wants to know is this: "Why are so many of the most powerful Democrats afraid of Howard Dean? And can anyone so reviled by both D.C. party establishments be all bad?"

Seeing The Forest: Nelson Mandela wants to make poverty history. What Iraq means as a war for oil. Also regarding Iraq, we get the Humpty Dumpty rule: "If you run over a piece of pottery or an egg with a tank, you can't put it back together again."

Grist: Seattle's mayor talks about his grassroots Kyoto initiative to encourage mayors to do what national politicians won't. Why race and class matter when talking about the environment. Former CIA head James Woolsey outs himself as a tree-hugger. The popular Craigslist service rolling out a new environmental activism network. An environmental justice advocate on the death of white male environmentalism.

The 13 most careless spies ever have been fingered by the Italians for abducting an Egyptian born Italian citizen from the streets of Milan and sending him to Egypt to all but disappear. I still say that the only proper use for extraordinary rendition is to send our executive branch war criminals on an up close and personal tour of the Syrian penal system.

How to Save the World: Dave doesn't want to believe the worst about the American public, from which I can only conclude that he hasn't watched enough FOX news. A freaky story about a program in Texas that involuntarily committed a teenager against her parents' wishes after and pumped her full of enough psychiatric drugs to make the vein in Tom Cruise's temple threaten to burst on live television. If there were an economic meltdown on the way, then maybe it would be a good idea to join Mr. Pollard in thinking about how to prepare for it. We also get an environmental news roundup and an homage to old traditions of polite conversation.

Haven't had enough yet? Start here and read the Sideshow for a dizzying array of things that range from merely funny to outrageous enough to get the vein on *your* temple ready to pull a Tom Cruise imitation.

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Since I've been disconnected for awhile, I'm curious: Is Tom Cruise the new butt of all your jokes?

Posted by: T at June 27, 2005 01:49 AM

Umm, actually this may be the first time I've ever referred to Cruise on this site. It's just that I saw a clip of him looking spectacularly unhinged the other day while talking about Ritalin, after going around railing against psychiatric drugs in general, and there happened to be an interesting story that I wanted to link to about what most people would think truly was an inappropriate use of such medication. So its likely as not to be a one-post snicker.

Posted by: natasha at June 27, 2005 01:17 PM
"Why are so many of the most powerful Democrats afraid of Howard Dean? And can anyone so reviled by both D.C. party establishments be all bad?"
Ditto for John McCain. Posted by: Roy Smith at June 27, 2005 03:48 PM