June 23, 2005

Oh, The Humanity

The voting problems in Ohio, presumably the ones that Howard Dean says every Democrat should be addressing. (BTW - Dean is scheduled to be on the Daily Show tonight.)

Also from the DNC, some evidence that Republicans are running up against reality.

Bill Kristol suggests that Gonzales is Bush's choice to replace O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Ramesh Ponnuru thinks that Gonzales is too moderate, I guess because nothing says moderation like approving the torture of prisoners and the abrogation of US and international law regarding same.

NW Progressive hosts a guest editorial by Seattle Pacific University political science professor Reed Davis on political parties and the WA State primary system.

Body and Soul reviews Sen. Obama's response to the torture issue. His verdict? Case closed. Hat tip to Hanna.

From Pandagon, the latest whine about gay marriage and why you just have to love paranoid right wing conspiracy theorists.

Corrente asks what we would do if Republican theocrats were really Christians, and finds a reminder of Sun Myung Moon's ties to North Korea.

Dave Neiwert on the latests Bush outrage to science, this time on grazing recommendations.

Alas, a Blog points to the ACLU's catalog of Bush science abuse, and also tackles the question of why it's important to support breastfeeding.

Laura Rozen digs up news and views on the Iranian presidential runoff election to be held Friday.

The Guardian: The influence of ExxonMobil on Bush's policy, which I guess also isn't news because 'everybody' already suspected it. Sidney Blumenthal on the revenge of Nixon. Catherine Bennett wonders why fertility medicine has so many kooks in the ranks.

The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline looks set for a go ahead over strong US objections.

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I should point out that there was an update to the Senator Obama story that has isn't on Jeanne's front page anymore and it isn't updated in the original article (much like mine wasn't updated either).

Obama's Legislative Assistant for Defense and Torture Issues (not her real title) Responds.

Sorry for not updating the post to include that, though, I'm still suspect until I see him actually sign onto any of the anti-torture measures or hear him stand up and speak out about it himself.



Posted by: Hanna at June 23, 2005 05:34 PM