June 22, 2005

Go. Read.

World O'Crap: The Sunday Cinema edition brings us the house odds on the Cruise/Holmes hookup, and a delightful review of the life lessons to be gained from Eyes Wide Shut. Also, we get a carnival of the wingnuts and the Town Hall review.

Feministing: A new report shows that criminalizing abortion and contraception has led to a 40% abortion rate in Argentina, a nation where women are treated like children with respect to their reproductive health. The Chinese and Russians on the spreading of seed. A move by the Wisconsin state legislature could lead to banning emergency contraception on college campuses. Women, particularly younger women, face serious employment descrimination based on body mass. They may not let Saudi women drive, but apparently flying is just fine.

Making Light: Teresa shares her list of favorite roses, for all you gardeninng afficionados. A must read on the PR industry, a post which could easily have been titled 'where the news comes from.' Can we agree that civil discourse shouldn't include references to famous dictators? Both Patrick and Teresa say no, they can't agree to that. From Teresa:

... Good is always good, no matter who does it. Thatís one of the really swell things about good: itís a universally available option. Likewise, evil is evil, whether or not you reassure yourself that youíre one of the good guys while youíre doing it. Nobody gets to hand out white hats and black hats, then stop thinking. ...

First there were the Downing Street Memos suggesting that the decision to go to war had been made long before the official announcement, but from MyDD diarist Duke1676, we learn that a staging base for the invasion was started in October of 2001.

BoomanTribune: The Bush energy bill may lead to oil drilling off the coast of WA State. The G8 nations may be willing to forgive a little debt, but they're not about to give up their role as arms dealers to war-torn countries. The US government simply gave away $20 billion of Iraq's money, sometimes in untraceable cash payments to contractors. Teacher Ken says that you must read this Molly Ivins column on the Downing Street Memos.

Raw Story: A woman was fired for taking two days off to spend with her husband during his leave from Iraq after a string of 'excessive' absences to take care of an epileptic child. Melinda Barton writes about America's dreams of empire.

Pharyngula talks about what genes actually do, courtesy of the Panda's Thumb.

BOPNews: Sterling Newberry did a weekend roundup of the dKos blogroll. The lost argument of supply-side economics.

Matt Yglesias writes about Ralph Reed and the corruption of the Republican party, and the link between energy policy and national security.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat says that in case anyone was wondering, American Christians aren't oppressed. Also, the purveyors of junk food have bought the rights to US schools.

Courtesy of DC Media Girl, a legal guide for bloggers.

Health News: HIV rates in women have reached an all time high in terms of the percentage of cases. A lawsuit in Florida is another of many challenging the hospital practice of overcharging the uninsured, leaving them with bills that can easily push them into bankruptcy. The body's natural cannabinoids may be targeted for a boost if new pain control research pans out. Healthcare costs continue to outpace wages, rising 8.2% in 2004, and family premiums are up 59% over 2000, with this report from the Kaiser Family Foundation summing up the grim details.

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