June 16, 2005

This and That

The Republicans may have a 14% minority constituency, but only 1.2% of Republican legislators are minorities.

The spores of a certain fungus can kill mosquitoes quickly, rapidly germinating in their bodies after only brief contact. It's thought that it can be a powerful weapon in the fight against malaria, which continues to claim a million lives every year throughout Africa and Asia.

Wholesale prices and retail sales dip, while small business confidence rises a bit and the Fed is fretting over rising labor costs.

Atrios notes that the autopsy indicated that Terri Schiavo was blind when she died (more on Schiavo at The Reaction,) proving Sen. Frist's powers of diagnosis to be about what we thought they were. Scroll down a smidge for the latest list of Senators who don't want to be seen as anti-lynching.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat talks about how, when a sexual assault happens, the first question everyone always asks is what the woman did. Pseudo-Adrienne develops the topic further, wondering why boys don't get sexual violence prevention lectures when every young woman gets sexual violence avoidance lectures, and Feministe offers a selection of commentary on the culture of rape. Also at PFH, how being patriotic means never having to use logic.

dKos: The House votes to limit searches of library or bookstore records. Republicans are furious that a US Senator would dare to read from an FBI report on tortured detainees, because apparently it's become un-American to oppose torture. An intro to global warming for the still skeptical. Justice Scalia says that you can't lock people up indefinitely in a democracy for no other reason than that the executive says so.

The Kos kerfuffle: Ampersand has an excellent summary, and plenty of links to additional commentary. PFH skewers John Cole's response. Media Girl points out that Democrats can't win elections without women's votes, so maybe bloggers who care about getting Democrats elected into national office should think about that when they say that women's issues aren't 'core values' of the Democratic party.

Truthout (yes, they have a blog now!): Stirling Newberry writes about one of the top sustainable housing advocates, and also brings us an historical flashback of the Nixon impeachment articles.

TalkLeft: The feds will bring charges against four non-violent protestors from a Catholic anti-war group. Osama bin Laden is still alive, well and planning acts of terrorism with his cohorts. Rep. Conyers talks about the need to reform drug sentencing policies so that it doesn't punish the wives and girlfriends of dealers with sentences matching those of the dealers themselves.

Feministe: It we're so advanced as a culture, why are we still getting 50s-style sex ed. Link roundup, including a story about a woman ordered to marry her rapist father-in-law.

African immigrant communities in the UK are smuggling children into the country for ritual abuse and sacrifice. To all the morons back in the 80s who were convinced that such behavior was widespread in the US at the time, this is what really happens when there's a large culture of such abuse: the police find evidence.

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