June 14, 2005

The Wicked Roundup

The G8 nations have forgiven $40 billion worth of debt from countries too poor to even make their interest payments, earning them plenty of fulsome praise. George Monbiot explains why the terms are extortionist, and Naomi Klein gives a case study in the ongoing theft of Africa's resources. Christopher Davis wonders if Africa is a vision of our future, rather than our past.

The Darfur people are being subjected to a deliberate policy of brutal rape. This Nicholas Kristof article documents not only the horrors these women are subjected to, but the hurtful aftereffects and social ostracism they face upon losing their 'honor.' After choking through it to the bitter end, the reader is left with this:

... I'm still chilled by the matter-of-fact explanation I received as to why it is women who collect firewood, even though they're the ones who are raped. The reason is an indication of how utterly we are failing the people of Darfur, two years into the first genocide of the 21st century.

"It's simple," one woman here explained. "When the men go out, they're killed. The women are only raped."

Also from Kristof, via Pandagon, the story of the illiterate surgeon. A survivor of vaginal fistula who's become the world's foremost surgeon for the condition is profiled, along with the scope of the problem in the developing world.

Feministe explains feminist humor and advertising, bringing this to our attention via the usually charming Steve Gilliard: "To be honest, those women needed to shut the fuck up, because it was all about them ..." Ah, yes, that's it. Some women complained about an ad on dKos, Markos insulted pretty much every feminist on the site in response, which pissed off a lot more people than even noticed the ad, the misogynists came out in droves to throw all the nasty insults in the book, and it's the women who need to stfu.

Thanks, Gilliard. Thanks a bunch.

It's always nice to know that even people on our side of the fence think that feminists have just been spoiled by our parents and coddled by professors who want to fuck us, and that we don't work as hard as you entrepreneurial professional bloggers. These are the allies we're supposed to have in dealing with human rights issues, many of which involve the humiliation and degradation of women along with a callous disregard for their lives. And you know where that starts off? It starts off by telling women to shut the fuck up because you could care less what the spoiled, hysterical bitches have to say. I imagine that Rush Limbaugh and every other woman-hating freak in the wingnutosphere must be beside themselves with glee to hear their sentiments recast so perfectly out of the mouth of a 'progressive.' I'm very tempted to write more about this, but at the moment, nothing comes to mind but an incoherent string of cuss words.

Juan Cole: 10 things you wouldn't expect in Iraq if you drank the administration's Kool Aid. The Iraq casualty total for Monday stands at 21 dead and 40 wounded. The British knew that the Iraq war was illegal and feared prosecution. The world should be so lucky.

This morning, 20 are dead and 60 were wounded in a Kirkuk carbombing that went off in the middle of a crowded marketplace.

American Street: A catalog of Republican paranoid theories. Abstinence education endangers women.

Alas, A Blog: Ampersand on feminist demands in 1967. Republicans want women to stay pregnant if they get that way, no matter the consequences, but they won't help pregnant women and newborns. As Pseudo-Adrienne puts it so well, they're pro-birth, but not pro-life, not by a long shot.

Krugman tackles our healthcare disaster in One Nation, Uninsured.

Orcinus on the Republican attack on wild salmon.

Brilliant at Breakfast highlights the ongoing series of Iraq revelations, including evidence that Bush planned to invade Iraq before taking office.

Talkleft tells us that the Senate has finally passed an anti-lynching law and formally apologized for taking so long. By a voice vote taken on a sparse floor late in the evening, because around 20 Senators didn't want their names on record opposing lynchings. Atrios has six names.

Booman Tribune: A story about community supported agriculture, or, how to connect with the people who grow your food. Xtian fundamentalists have no problem with child abuse, as long as the children in question are gay. Banks are letting credit standards slip in order to continue fueling the real estate market.

Seeing The Forest: Ask not for whom the rent tolls, it tolls for your job. Coingate had a predecessor in Bush's Texas graft. Lou Dobbs speaks out on the corrosive effects of 'free' trade, though it seems unlikely that anyone will do anything about it now that Republicans are engaging in open blackmail to secure votes for CAFTA in Congress.

You probably know by now that when Republican neotheocons want to 'reform' something, it means that they're either going to gut it, irresponsibly deregulate it, or pull its pants down and bend it over a table. Well, if the United Nations Reform Act of 2005 passes next week, the UN better brace itself for the latter. Planned bugs features: funding programs through voluntary contributions, barring 'human rights violators' (and god only knows who the Republicans mean anymore when they use that term) from certain committees, the inevitable funding cuts, and of course, extra 'accountability' of the sort that's working so well for our K-12 schools.

Once more, with feeling: You've been had. You've been took. You've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok. - Malcolm X

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