June 11, 2005

Bye-bye, Cooney!

On Wednesday, we posted about how Philip Cooney, a Dubya administration official with no scientific background, had been editing scientific reports to de-emphasize the link between greenhouse gases and climate change. On Thursday, members of the press gave White House press secretary Scott McClellan an uncharacteristically strong grilling over Cooney's background and activities — and McClellan was forced to admit that Cooney's editing work was standard procedure for scientific reviews on Dubya's watch.

Yesterday being Friday, it was the traditional day of the week for Dubya's administration to release bad news. This time around, that bad news was the uncomfortable fact of Cooney's sudden resignation from his position as chair of Dubya's Council on Environmental Quality.

As expected, the White House says that there is no connection between Cooney's resignation and the uproar over his report editing.

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