June 10, 2005

While a picture is as good as 1000 words ...

... well-chosen numbers can speak at least as loudly:

Apparently, 2,200 journalists have been issued credentials for the Michael Jackson trial.

As a frame of reference, at the height of combat in Iraq, there were 800 embedded reporters.

Via Random Walks.

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While there were 800 embedded journalists, there were many who were turned away... It's probably far easier to get credentials from a county court than to pass the security screening given by the administration.

As an example, Al Jazeera managed to get two reporters embedded, and both were stuck in units in Kuwait. They had quite a few more reporters than that.

...I know, I know, you're trying to point out the amount of direct coverage of something irrelevent to most people vs something which killed thousands of people.

But no reporters (that I know of) have died reporting on Michael Jackson, but over a dozen died reporting the war in Iraq; only a couple of those were embedded.

Posted by: Crissa at June 11, 2005 08:44 AM