June 05, 2005

Success in Iraq

TBogg sums up the truth about Iraq about as well as I've heard so far.

... Iraq is probably the only country in the world whose entire police force is in the Witness Protection Program. ...

We've succeeded in turning a stable dictatorship where political prisoners were killed with impunity into a chaotic killing field where no authority figure is safe and any citizen can be killed at random for any reason. Is there any way in which that could be interpreted as a sign of progress?

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One of the ways that people think about crime and safe communities is in how random the violence is. Then things are predictable (ie: you know how to stay out of areas that are dangerous), then your sense of living in a safe and stable community is high. When the violence is random and senseless, people are very inclined to worry about their own safety. Iraqis are now living in times where the violence is chaotic and random - this is clearly a much worse situation for them than the more predictable violence of Saddam's rule. No wonder they just want the Americans gone.

Posted by: Mary at June 5, 2005 11:46 AM


This editorial work by Alter precisely sums up the state of political affairs we are currently suffering through [through a framework analogy of Watergate in our time]. It's a nice [and horribly frustrating] piece.


Posted by: T. Scauzillo at June 5, 2005 11:55 AM