June 04, 2005

Converting Hummers to Show Your Credentials as an Environmentalist

This week San Francisco is hosting the World Environment Day Conference where mayors from around the world are coming to talk about planning for a sustainable, green future. In his statement opening the conference, Governor Schwarzenegger broke with the Bush administration by declaring that California would be a leader in addressing global warming by cutting global warming emissions.

Yet, our Governor has a fleet of Hummers that are hardly an example of bold leadership of living lightly on the earth although he has promised to convert his Hummers to hydrogen power when it is finally viable.

Also at the conference was Phil Angelides who remarked on the Governor's environmentalism.

I thought about starting this speech today by announcing my intention to convert one of my Hummers to run on hydrogen. But thereís a problem.

You see, I don't own a fleet of Hummers, not even one. To show you how politically astute I am, three years ago I actually bought a Prius. I selected it for the same reason any father of passionately opinionated teenage daughters would: Because they told me to.

What they didn't tell me is that one day I would find myself in this bind: How's a guy to prove his devotion to saving the planet unless he has a Hummer to convert?

So Iím going to do it the way every good politician does: By reframing the issue. I am here to tell you today that we are not going to save the planet by converting one Hummer at a time.

Instead, we must set targets. And so I pledge to you that by January 2007 California will cut to zero the number of Hummers owned by its chief executive.

(hat tip to Dan Newman of MessageWorks.org)

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