June 03, 2005

Action Alert

Action item, the first: If you want to find out the truth behind the Downing Street Memo, you may want to sign Rep. John Conyers' letter to the president, asking that Bush answer the questions put to him about the timeline of the plan for war with Iraq. Bush may still ignore it, but perhaps the press will finally consider it front page material.

Action item, the secord. Today, which is to say Friday, June 3, is the last day to contribute to the Federal Election Commission's public comment period on whether or not it should start making rules about political speech on the internet. Over at dKos, acbonin tells you why this is important, and points you to where you can leave a comment with the FEC.

The free-for-all we've enjoyed so much this past political season is under attack by an establishment of Washington insiders, politicians and journalists alike, who have nothing but contempt for public participation in our political discourse. They don't care what the public has to say, they don't want to accept any criticism of how they run our government and news services, and above all, they're terrified that they might have to change the cozy way they do business with each other.

Please speak up and be counted.

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