May 31, 2005

Does the name 'W. Mark Felt' ring any bells?

If you're a real politics or US history geek, you might recall that he was second in command at the FBI during the early 1970s.

But what almost nobody knew until now is that Felt was also 'Deep Throat' — the mysterious source of tips and information about the Watergate break-ins and cover-up. Deep Throat's leaks to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were critical to those reporters' series of stories for the Washington Post, which helped bring down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

An upcoming article in Vanity Fair explains why Felt made his decision to leak important information to the press during the Watergate investigation. After all these years of secrecy, we found it to be really worth the read.

A PDF file containing the article is here.

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We need a W. Mark Felt for today's troubled times.



Posted by: Hanna at May 31, 2005 09:20 PM