May 25, 2005

'The Pentagon had no immediate comment on the documents.'

Gee, we wonder why?

From a Reuters report on the release of previously classified documents to the American Civil Liberties Union:

[ACLU lawyer Jameel] Jaffer said the latest documents show the U.S. government had heard detainees complain as early as 2002 about desecration of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, including at least one mentioning it had been placed in a toilet.

In another document, written in April 2003, an FBI agent related a detainee's account of an incident involving a female U.S. interrogator.

"While the guards held him, she removed her blouse, embraced the detainee from behind and put her hand on his genitals. The interrogator was on her menstrual period and she wiped blood from her body on his face and head," the memo stated.

A similar incident was described in a recent book written by a former Guantanamo interrogator.

But, of course, Newsweek was totally wrong about that Koran desecration that they said was going on at Guantanamo.

The ACLU's press release on the newly released documents is here.

You can read the documents here.

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