May 19, 2005

No Place to Call Home

The other day when Bush was playing leader of the world in his travels to Europe, I was amazed at how popular he was in places like Georgia. In fact, I thought that he should consider moving to Georgia because finally he could find a place where he didn't have to worry about big protests.

But thank goodness, there are places where Bush can find a cheerful (and a non-prescreened?) crowd! In Georgia, Bush is a superstar. There he finds crowds that are excited by his very presence.

What a relief! Finally there is a place where Bush can go (and stay) and boy, wouldn’t we would all be happier?

Well, I guess Georgia's out as a new home where Bush can cheerfully mingle with the crowd. Although huge crowds did show up, not all were friendly. Someone threw a hand-grenade in the square where Bush was speaking, which, fortunately, didn't go off. But now, the bubble boy has even more reason to be paranoid, which means that the security to protect him will become even more extensive and more invasive in the communities whenever he comes to visit.

And just when I thought we'd finally found him a country where he would get the adulation he so desires.

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