May 13, 2005

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How to Save the World: Dave Pollard's recommended reading list. The curious byproducts of human domestication, and the myths that we've invented about the natural state of relationships.

The National Review on the Bolton nomination. What planet is a person living on that they could write a sentence like this: "The White House has even received nearly unanimous praise for its renewed efforts to engage the international community."

Medicaid on the chopping block: "When it comes to the Medicaid health program for the poor, the question in Washington has moved from whether to cut the program to how."

The Pentagon has suggested the closure of 33 large military bases in the U.S., and a 2/3 reduction in National Guard and Reserve facilities. I guess it's more important to have bases in Uzbekistan, where their government boils people alive while our government looks the other way. This Kos post has the full list, and notes (as expected) that most of the jobs will be lost in blue states if the recommendations are carried out, though Washington State has gotten of mostly with the loss of Guard and Reserve centers. The states and districts of moderate and marginalized Republicans are also SOL, though the South will win big. Steve Soto has another perspective on the Republican losers.

Italy returns a stolen, ancient Ethiopian monument to its rightful place.

Jacqueline Passey's libertarian self is horrified from follicles to phalanges over the Real ID act, which was tucked into a large appropriations bill set to cover the ongoing expenses of occupying Iraq. She shares some comments from Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

The American Street: Why DeLay's scandals are God's fault. What's really important about the media: "But are blogs important? No. The information, the news, the facts, the analysis and commentary are. What is even more important is who we get them from, and whether they are objective sources of news, when it is news. And when it is commentary and analysis, is it well-researched, well-thought, or is it just a subjective rant?"

The Mahablog explores employment insecurity in America.

The Left Coaster: The Chinese blame Bush and Rice for scuttling any deal with North Korea. Bush smirked his way through a visit with Putin, and then as soon as the door hit him on the backside, Putin outed a Republican front group as spies. Laugh, but the group was funded by taxpayers.

Pandagon: Links and analysis on the presumptive joint custody bill up for consideration in Massachusetts, with particular attention to Trish Wilson's work on the matter. The latest travesties from the abstinence only brigade. A little jolt of enthusiasm. What's up with WalMart wages. Finally, the classic humor that is 'Christian' dating advice: "'Dating can cause discontentment with God's gift of singleness.' No, that's God's gift of hormones that does that. ..."

Alas, A Blog: More on the bad idea that is presumptive joint custody, otherwise known as a keen way to manipulate your ex-wife's life for good and get out of paying child support in the bargain. Can conservatives and libertarians be feminists? A final round up on the Terri Schiavo issue. NARAL responds to the latest revelations about FDA appointee Chuck Hager and his role in blocking access to Plan B, the 'morning after pill.'

Scott over at Poetic Leanings notices that Senator Boxer has put a hold on the Bolton nomination.

Seeing the Forest: Following the Oil-for-Food blogfight. A pointer to the People for the American Way's mass immediate response to the nuclear option. Republicans caught lying. Also, hat tip for pointers to the goals of the Republican party (Texas Republicans that is, not that they have any power, or anything), and a reminder that workers are now viewed as an impediment to their employers.

DailyKos: Science Friday shines a spotlight on Gulf War Syndrome, which still affects many of the veterans of the first Bush adventure in Iraq. Why the nuclear option will make Republican moderates irrelevant. Manuel Miranda is the thief who stole papers from one of the Senate Democrats' servers, but he's still a go-to guy for Republican hatchet work. Some of the many ways the administration has failed national security.

Atrios: Who is the Small Business Association really looking out for? We should have listened to Ike when we had the chance. The news from Iraq. The work of grassroots Democrats.

Body and Soul: Throwing the blog at Rumsfeld. A charming story about the 'pro-life' Judge Priscilla Owens. All Bush's cronies get their payday.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: The second wives club, and other anti-feminist links. Why bloggers don't take mainstream media finger wagging very seriously.

As usual, go check out The Sideshow's roundup of news you need to know.

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