May 13, 2005

Creeping Us Out

I was born in California, and I've either lived in L.A., San Francisco, or the Puget Sound/Greater Seattle area for the entire span of my time on Earth. I'm proudly liberal, and I don't believe that fully consensual adult activities should be against the law, whether I'd want to participate in them or not. (In fact considering all that, my life is astonishingly bland, not that I mind.)

So in other words, I'm probably counted among the type of person extremist conservatives are thinking of when they rave about liberal immorality wrecking the country. Which of course, turns out to be purely a projection of their own guilt, fantasies and experiences almost every time you follow the story through to the end. This current crop is no different.

Digby throws in his $0.02 on the perverted Dr. Hager, whom Bush appointed to the FDA's Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs. Turns out that the guy got his jollies by sodomizing his ex-wife while she was having narcoleptic episodes. This is the guy who opposed making emergency contraception available over the counter, even though everyone believed it to be safe, because he thought it was immoral. This follows the allegations unearthed by Larry Flynt, corroborated by witnesses, that John Bolton chased away his ex-wife with a penchant for group sex. Then there's the gay mayor of Spokane, WA, who feared to be outed by "sex Nazis" after a long career of campaigning against gay rights while soliciting underage boys.

This is really more detail about other people's private lives than I care to know, but if they want to play the scarlet letter game, then noble disengagement winds up looking an awful lot like foolish unilateral disarmament. If they want to be left alone, they need to learn that privacy isn't something that only applies to Rush Limbaugh's narcotic addiction. And I hope they figure it out soon, because I'm with Digby on all this:

... Between the mule fucking, the narcophelia and the sexual fantasies about Jesus, I'm beginning to feel like a provincial schoolkid. To think that we impeached a president over a couple of half baked blowjobs in a hallway --- and listened to years and years of non-stop moralizing from these Republican perverts. I'm a pretty sophisticated person and I don't usually pass judgements on people's fantasy lives or their sexuality. But the Christian Right with their wild shedding of the most shocking of sexual taboos are starting to freak me out. And I'm from California.

What he said.

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