May 11, 2005

Odds and Ends

North Korea has announced to the world that they've boosted their nuclear arsenal. But even if they're leader is one of the more deranged, they don't have any oil, and their missiles could only reach us godless pinkos on the left coast and maybe scare the gooks next door, so how could anyone possibly give a damn?

A dKos diary chronicles one person's journey from biblical literalism to understanding evolution.

The Slacktivist is very concerned about the possibility of running out of oil, an event which would, in so many ways from farming to fashion, end civilization as we know it. The folks over at Corrente have noted that the US is planning nuclear first strikes to secure our interests (no thank you, morons) as fossil fuel becomes scarce.

You've heard about the ex-convict dad who killed his daughter and her friend, but it's less likely that you've heard about the mother who stabbed her kids 200 times. It could'nt have anything to do with the fact that the woman is the white wife of a minister whose disappearance by real or suspected abduction would probably fuel a cable news feeding frenzy.

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds will be making an appeal to the Supreme Court. Go here to read the transcript of her 60 Minutes interview, which is deeply shocking, mostly because it's hard to believe that people as incompetent as she describes are in charge of a vital part of our national security, and protecting such people is surely an egregious affront to public safety.

Majikthise draws our attention the the plight of two conscientious objectors, and Avedon Carol of the Sideshow (who's guesting at Atrios this week, cool deal!) points us to the Dear George letter written by the mother of a dead soldier.

TalkLeft on the very, very bad idea that is mandatory minimum sentencing, and what you can do to oppose a new bill that will put more of this society's neglected young people and their families through that meatgrinder.

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