May 06, 2005

The WND Freakshow

It's been a while since checking in at the World Net Daily site, thank god, but looking up material for the previous post reminded me that it was getting to be about that time again. And having been thoroughly creeped out, it's now my job to share with readers the flesh-crawling experience of reading about 'Christian' Dominionists in action. Most of these headlines and book teasers speak for themselves, all emphasis is mine.

On the 'sin' of sending kids to public school:

... But what about reforming the public schools? Isn't that a solution?

Responds Shortt: "Public schools cannot be reformed to provide a Christian education, and the evidence is overwhelming that even conventional secular reforms to reinstate traditional academic and moral standards will continue to fail. But even if you think that we should nevertheless try to reinstate traditional academic and moral standards in the schools, taking your children out is the most effective thing you can do to help the children whose parents have left them behind in the public schools. Only the threat of a collapse of the entire public school system offers even the remotest prospect of positive change. ...

Minister ex-communicates Democrat church members. This piece was mostly written as a straight news story, with this Daily Kos diary by Georgia10 quoted in it towards the end without further attribution.

Christianity taking over planet Earth? Get the book FREE!

Explosive memo reveals Darwinist strategy for Kansas

WHY ARE CHRISTIANS LOSING AMERICA?: How the U.S. is becoming anti-Christian despite an 80% majority of believers. For an articulately stated alternate perspective, check out the Slacktivist's debunking the myth of Christian persecution in America, hat tip Eschaton. OTOH, if you want more persecution paranoia, check out this NewsMax mash note to David Limbaugh's expose of the liberal war on Christianity.

America ruled by 'Men in Black':How the Supreme Court is destroying the 'land of the free'

For a touch more of the antivenom, you can head on over to read Steve Gilliard's thoughts about the faith pushers, and to find the all too predictable story of yet another closeted gay Republican hypocrite who had the nerve to complain about exactly the type of "sex Nazi" that he himself worked so hard to be as a legislator.

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