May 01, 2005

The Joy of Corvids

Yesterday All Things Considered had a story featuring crows in Rockview, Maryland by Lisa Couturier (website). ATC was interviewing Lisa because she's just written a book about her fascination with wildlife that can be found in urban settings called the The Hope of Snakes.

On the ATC segment she tells of how as a child of 10 or 12, she was captivated by the work of Jane Goodall and wanted to be like her. So Lisa began to watch and record the behavior of crows -- the local wildlife in her neighborhood. This fascination with her crow neighbors has continued as she has grown up. Over several years she has tracked the movement of the crows in the Rockview area. What she has found is that every year these crows gather in the thousands from September to March at the country club, coming together to eat and socialize before heading off to their nightly roost.

Crows are fascinating and intelligent creatures and they do well in urban environments taking advantage of the habitat created by their human neighbors. And Lisa's story shows that even in the city, a child can grow up to be a naturalist.

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